Favorite Minimalist Interiors

Today we are rounding up a few of our favorite minimalist interiors. Maria and I are both lovers of all things modern and traditional but we especially love a well executed minimal living space. Most people would argue that minimalist living isn't easily achievable but we would like to share a few thoughts as to how to do this effortlessly. The image below is a great example of how to incorporate hidden storage.  When you are designing with clean and minimal lines it is important to offer storage for us to hide the inevitable junk that tends to pile up during ordinary life.

Concrete is often found in minimal interiors but it can often feel sterile and clinical. If executed nicely, though it can still feel warm and homey.  See the image below for an example of a warm gray shower with pops of wood to help enhance this warmth. 


This minimalist kitchen does a fabulous job of providing tons of storage while feeling uncluttered and open. The warmth of the wood and the off white prevents it from feeling like a sterile commercial kitchen.

The grand staircase below is one of our favorites. The decorative balusters are simple and clean - minimal but not your typical "white box" minimalism. The painting adds a nice pop of color proving you can do minimal with out doing boring. All in all, minimalism can work for the everyday person, and it can be FUN too.