C&M's Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

I have to admit we probably should have put this list together two weeks ago, and I had every intention to but when it comes to the holidays I've got last minute flair. So instead of titling this 'C&M's Gift Guide' I will have to squeeze the "last minute" in to there. This is a list of things that all could covet and things I secretly hope to find under the tree or next to the menorah since I also celebrate hannukah (which conveniently fell on Christmas this year making my life even more stressful when it comes to gift giving) with my significant other and his family. So.. All that being said, if you're like me here are some ideas that everyone could love.. you have 5 days. Go.

A. White Vase | I adore collected white vases, but in a minimalist way.

B. Cook Book | Cook books are all about their imagery. I love this particular book for it's whimsical illustrations in lieu of food photography.

C. Tea Kettle | This is not your typical tea kettle, this beautiful sleek design has a built in brew range thermometer which is just about the most convenient function ever for a tea kettle.

D. Decorative Bowl | This hand crafted beauty would be perfect for any man or woman as a nightstand catch all or an entry way key bowl.

E. Office Set | Copper office supplies by Tom Dixon, need I say more?

F. Decanter | Wine is one of my absolute favorite new hobbies, this decanter was one of Oprah's 2016 favorite things and it's definitely one of mine.

G. Dress Up Kit | I have no children, but if I did they would be unwrapping this fantastic Nutcracker Dress Up Kit on Christmas morning...because it is obsessively cute.

H. Linen Tea Towels | I have to believe that designers aren't the only people on the planet who would freak if they got gorgeous linen tea towels as a gift...right??

I. Float Frames | I just purchased some prints from Artifact Uprising to fill the walls of my living room and I'm about to click order on these to die for frames.

J. Porcelain Mug | I love these because my future in-laws are Russian and it's tradition to get babies these mugs as gifts. I think they are so stinking cute and totally thoughtful.

K. Sound Lantern | Sometimes technology scares me because of it's complexity but this has to be one of the coolest products I've seen all year. Perfect for the kitchen and the beach and everything in between.

L. Rug | I'd be fine with this just showing up in place in my living room on Christmas morning. Thank you Santa.

M. Two Tone Pillows | These linen pillows come in so many perfect colors and they are linen so they are probably perfect.

N. Mohair Blanket | These are worth the expedited shipping charge, like the description says 'it's as warm as a hug'.

O. Walnut Cutting Board | I have high hopes and big dreams of receiving a cutting board this spectacular for this holiday season.

P. Chopsticks | Arthur (my other half) and I have become somewhat of amateur sushi chefs and we could really benefit from some reusable chopsticks.. we need to help save the environment one stick at a time.

Q. Wool Blanket | Yes Please!

R. Ornaments | I'm a sucker for anything sputnik.

Now have at it. Oh and cheers!

- C