We Started A Blog

...And here we are. We debated for months on whether or not we would be another one of those businesses that jumped on the blog bandwagon. And seriously, we have nothing against blogs but it seems like this interweb of ours is just saturated with design blogs. Some good, some bad. So we are going to do our best to make this one of the good. Our goal with this blog is to hopefully inspire our readers, give you a behind the scenes look at our process, and keep you all up to date with what C&M are up to. This blog will give you the perspective of two different designers (and although we are partners, we have very different strengths) who have unique design aesthetics but have somehow figured out how to blend the two harmoniously. We hope you follow along, and more importantly we hope you look forward to seeing what we have to share every week.

- C

{Left: Maria, Right: Channing}