Project Update | Contemporary Master Suite

Previously we helped this couple complete the design of their master bedroom. They wanted a bathroom that worked cohesively with the existing aesthetic of their home but was much lighter and brighter.

Most recently we completed a Contemporary Master Suite for a couple who has fabulous taste and wanted something truly custom. We worked with different craftsmen to complete the custom cabinetry and true artists for the tile installation. We went through a meticulous process with Fiddle Creek Woodworking of bleaching and staining to get the look of the walnut to be just right. Fiddle Creek Woodworking also built custom frames for the mirrors to match the cabinetry. The craftsmanship of their work could not have been more flawlessly executed and our client's couldn't be happier with the end result.

We selected Bianco Imperial marble for it's subtle warm gold veining so that it would compliment the tile backsplash instead of compete with it. We selected Kohler fixtures and fittings in polished nickel to enhance the warmth of the space helping us achieve our clients goal of casual elegance.

The space was accessorized with RH Modern pieces, also in polished nickel. When our clients first came to us they expressed wanting a space that felt casual but was also elegant. The combination of wood and polished nickel helped us achieve this.