Our First Year in Business Anniversary

Waking up this morning, I anxiously thought about everything on my to-do list and had a sense of urgency that I needed to get up today with a quick and productive frame of mind.  I then had another thought, a happy and nostalgic thought...

Exactly one year ago, Channing and I met up after work to split a pitcher of Sangria at a local Spanish restaurant in the Clayton area of Saint Louis.  Here we talked about the corporate jobs we had at the time and how we felt that we didn't quite fit in.  We craved a more creative and flexible lifestyle where we could truly express ourselves.  A lifestyle where we could turn visions into living environments with our true skills and talents.  A couple of drinks in and eagerness for a happier life, Channing and I decided that some way, somehow, we would start our own business doing what we love. Right then and there, C&M Interiors was born. 

I sit here one year later writing a blog post about our first anniversary as business partners and can't help but to think that when 'they' say anything is possible, 'they' mean it.  We are living proof of it, and we couldn't be more proud.  With the right perseverance and dedication, we have accomplished more than we could ever image in just one year.  We have gone from working the ever so typical nine-to-five corporate design position to business partners and designers for a fresh, innovative interior design firm where we live out our dreams each and every day.

Channing and I have so many goals and aspirations for our second year in business.  We first and foremost strive to continue building valuable relationships with our clients.  Without our clients, we wouldn't be able to live out our mission.  Along with our clients, we aim to continue networking with our local design industry community.  Without the amazing architects, contractors, product representatives, and craftsmen, we wouldn't be able to build our projects.  We are so appreciative of everyone who we work with.  Along with these goals, C&M Interiors has every intention of finding more work in the hospitality market.  We would love to sink our teeth into restaurant design, boutique hotel design, or country club design.  

A sincere and grateful "Thank You" goes out to our support systems, both personally and in our work lives!  Stay tuned for another year of success for C&M!

Having Fun - Channing (left) & Maria (right)

Having Fun - Channing (left) & Maria (right)