Artist Feature & Where to Find Him!

I have always loved the body of work that Alex Katz (89 year old Brooklyn native) has produced. I would say he is widely known for his sharp clear edges and his genius use of color in portraits but what I love most are his paintings of flowers and landscapes. They feel so real but at the same time feel like another world. I won't go in to a long laid out biography of Katz because he has his own website (which, by the way is beautifully designed) where you can read about his history, education and exhibitions. Check it out here. Also, see below for a few of my favorite pieces and where to find Katz in Saint Louis!

Alex Katz has a huge body of work but sometimes it feels like it is difficult to obtain art by well known artists. There is one gallery here in Saint Louis who sells pieces from the Alex Katz collection as well as an array of other lovely artists called Lococo Fine Art Publisher on Olive Boulevard. Thank you for letting me share one of my all time favorite artists with you! Let us know if you like hearing about different artists that we appreciate and love and we will do this again! There are more where this came from!!

- C