Artist Spotlight | Darcy Campbell Art

We have recently been working with more and more local artists to try and incorporate their artwork in to the spaces we design. We were particularly jazzed when a young local artist approached us and pitched us her work. She was chic, stylish and the best part, our age - so of course we had to show support in whatever way possible! Then we had this idea about putting a spotlight on local artists and craftsmen here on our blog - first up is Darcy Campbell Art.

We sat down with Darcy and asked her a few questions. . .

What is your education and background? I have lived in Saint Louis my entire life and have just recently graduated from Webster University with a BA in Studio Art.

What is your favorite medium to work with and why? I'm really in to glitter and glue at the moment. The process is grueling but the results are incredible.

When was the first time you thought to yourself 'I want to be an artist' - What made you think this was something you wanted to pursue? Art has always been second nature to me, I've always had such a strong passion for it. It was my sophomore year of college and I had to declare a major. I called my Dad asking for help and he simply asked me what I was good at, when I responded "art" he said, "okay do that". That's when I knew this was something I could truly pursue.

What does a day in the life of Darcy Campbell Art look like? Starting when your feet hit the ground in the morning! I start my morning with a workout at Shred415 which pushes me out of bed and gets me energized for the day. Then I make my rounds to my favorite art store (Blick, Art Mart, Michaels) to get supplies. As soon as I get back to my studio I work work work. I'm typically making multiple paintings at once so it's go go go. I'll usually only take breaks to eat so if I'm not eating, I'm painting. 

How would you describe your art? Bold, Unapologetic, Modern. In my pop art pieces, I often marry iconic and provocative imagery to provoke a conversation among my audience.

What drives you creatively? My biggest goal is to be a well known and well respected female artist. The hunger for that dream drives my passion and creativity. Achieving this goal takes time, sacrifices and diligence but it allows me to be the best possible artist I can be.

Do you have a favorite piece or installation? My favorite piece is "Albert", even better is it's installed in my Dad's house so I get to visit it whenever I want.



Why is it your favorite? I had just started experimenting with spray paint. Typically my paintings begin with an overall concept and colors evolve from there. Uncharacteristically, with this piece the colors came first and the visuals came last, which was a 180 for me. 

Where is your favorite place to work? Outside on a warm summer day. Not only is it my favorite place but it's my favorite state of mind.

How would you say your artwork has evolved from when you first started Darcy Campbell Art? When I first started I was still trying to find myself but now I've learned to capture elements of an accelerating pop culture. I've had the ability to increase my individual expression and embraced new materials and have placed more value with experimentation and exploration.

Who is your favorite artist and why? Andy Warhol, it seems like a cliche but his work is a huge inspiration for me. His colors and subjects have always captivated me and he founded the genre that I now embrace (pop art.)

To check out more Darcy Campbell Art visit her Instagram @darcycampbell_art and to purchase pieces you can contact her directly!