Project Reveal | La Maison

In January of 2017, Channing and I were approached by Kyle Miller of Paramount Property Development to assist with some interior design work.  Little did we know that this would turn into one of the best projects we have ever touched.  When we started working on this project 7 months ago, La Maison was a complete construction war zone and didn't have any sort of branding whatsoever.  

This property was an old private school back in its prime, and Paramount decided to breathe new life into the building by renovating it into 25 residential apartment units.  As a nationally registered historic place, Channing and I knew we would have to create a design vision that gave a true nod to the building's history while also rejuvenating the property to attract future tenants.

We were brought on board to lead the design strategy in collaboration with Paramount.  Not only did we assist in the selection of materials and overall vision of the interiors, but we had the unique opportunity to create the branding aesthetic for the building, including the name 'La Maison'.  In the French language, 'La Maison' means 'The Home'.  The area of St. Louis that the property resides in is relevant to historic French roots, and we felt this name would have historic significance as well as a pleasant and intimate name for future tenants.  We wanted tenants to walk into the building for the first time and feel at home.  

The fourth level of the building was home to the former school gymnasium.  Original hardwood floors were sanded and refinished, while sleek and simple light fixtures, furnishings, and artwork were installed to finish off this grand hallway. 

Commissioned photography, benches, and unit numbers were all specially implemented for this project to achieve a specific brand and vision.

In order to create some visual interest to the stairwells and hallways of the building, we included a seven foot high grey and white stripe.  With sharp angles and change of direction in the stairwells, the continuous stripe creates an interesting visual as you ascend and descend from each floor.

Most of the units feature original refinished hardwood floors and bright, classic paint colors. The kitchens all have dark cabinetry and contrasting white quartz countertops.  Each level of the building has large windows which fill the units with a great amount of natural light.

The fourth level of the building is home to stunning lofts, accented by dark metal and warm wood.  Contemporary fixtures were used throughout the units while also paying tribute to the historical features of the building.

We had an incredible time working on this project and cannot thank Paramount Property Development enough for giving us the opportunity to contribute our time to such a beautiful project!  

La Maison is currently available for lease.  Studios, 1 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms, and loft units are available through Lindsey Miller.  Lindsey can be reached at (314) 610-0363.