Ahzad Bogosian

What's Inspiring Us This Week?

Maria and I were having the ever changing discussion the other day of what inspires us. And at the end of that discussion I think we both agreed that it's difficult to find "pure" inspiration in the world we live in today. We are constantly being stimulated by other people's work through social media and the internet. So how do we avoid simply copying what we see in photographs and find our own voice? We narrowed down what we think are the most influential things in our design process and what we believe are truly inspiring.

First and foremost, our Clients. In a big way. Every single person we work with is so completely different. They all have different personalities and life experiences that bring something unique to the table when we are working through the design process. Most recently, one of our client's opened our eyes to a local artist they love, and in turn we found one of our new favorite artists. Check out Ahzad Bogosian at Duane Reed Gallery for a collection of beautiful landscapes. 

Painting by Azhad Bogosian

Painting by Azhad Bogosian

Second, we are constantly inspired by other women in business. Intaglia Home & Garden is a new woman owned business that popped up in Maplewood. We love that this shop opened it's doors, their curated collection of pieces really speak to us as designers. We are always looking for new ways to bring the outdoors in; Intaglia always has new and clever things to help us achieve that. 

Eggling Hatchable Plants  from Intaglia Home & Garden

Eggling Hatchable Plants from Intaglia Home & Garden

Last but not least we are inspired by craftsmanship. Knowing that one of your designs is in good hands with a true craftsman can put your mind at ease and help your creativity flow. Lately, we have been looking to high fashion for unique and exquisitely executed details. We love exploring new stitching details that are used in fashion and seeing how they translate in the built environment. Below is one of our all time favorite stitching details by Joseph. 

At the end of the day, it's easy to find inspiration by 'copying' other designer's work, but the real creative process begins when you get off of the computer and look at the world around you.