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Goals for the New Year

I think it's safe to say that C&M Interiors is back in action and more lively than ever after the holiday break!  We gave ourselves a bit of time off to recharge and spend much needed time with friends and family.  Over the break we also spent some time working on our 2017 business plan in the terms of marketing, client relations, public relations, and social media.  We would like to share with our viewers some of our goals as a business and some of our personal goals.

Top Business goals:

  • Gain and retain.  Go above and beyond to make our clients happy, and do everything in our power to gain new clients.
  • Complete, photograph, and publish current projects and show the world what we can do.
  • Connect with Saint Louis' design industry.  Network and develop relationships with others to better equip our business and theirs.
  • Get our first studio space and hire our first employee.
  • Increase project revenue to become more profitable.

Top Personal goals:

  • Channing
    1. Get healthy.  Be an example to my family.
    2. Develop personal relationships with more people.  
    3. Hire our first employee and treat them well.
  • Maria
    1. Be Patient.  The best is yet to come.
    2. Take time to nurture my relationships with others.
    3. Work harder and smarter than ever before.

These are our main goals for 2017, and we couldn't be more excited!  If anyone has any ideas, thoughts, or inspiration to throw our way, we would love to hear it!  Feel free to email us at or

Farewell to 2016 & cheers to 2017!